Monday, 15 July 2013

An Introduction to the Tummy Tuck

How many times has a person looked at themselves naked in the mirror and been dissatisfied at the way their figure looks? Often this feeling of dissatisfaction will turn to renewed enthusiasm to begin a new diet or commence an exercise program. But sometimes along the way there is more displeasure at their appearance and the only answer seems to be something drastic. This can be in the form of diet pills or the more extreme method of correction, a tummy tuck. Before a person can have this kind of surgery his or her health care provider must determine if they are someone for whom a tummy tuck would be both useful and safe. For this surgery to be worth doing a person must be in good physical condition while at the same time there must be some fat or unnecessary amount of skin that repeated exercise attempts have not been able to make go away. Women who have been pregnant and do not plan on having more children would be good candidates for a tummy tuck. People who have lost extreme amounts of weight and so have hanging skin would be good prospects as are older people who have hanging skin due to age. Once the surgeon has agreed that the person is a good candidate for a tummy tuck they will try to make sure that their expectations are not beyond the potential outcome. A tummy tuck will improve the way their body looks. This can do all sorts of positive things for them including simply making them feel better about themselves. But they should also know that there will be a scar and it will be a large one since it will travel the equivalent of the bikini line. This scar will easily be hidden by whatever clothing is worn, but nonetheless it will still be there. This will not return the patient to their youth, make people like them more or improve their job prospects. A tummy tuck is major surgery and should only be done if the person is doing it for himself or herself. Before the tummy tuck surgery takes place the surgeon will explain exactly what will be done and how. They will familiarize the patient with the type of anesthesia that will be used, explain that the surgery could take anywhere from three to five hours and tell them how much skin and fat they expect to remove. The physician will also explain how long they can expect to need for recovery time after the tummy tuck is completed. The expectation is that a person will need up to three weeks after the tummy tuck before they can return to their normal routines.

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